Thinking of visiting Tucson, Arizona?  Why not spend a few days in this beautiful part of America!

Many tourists, especially from other countries, do just a whirlwind visit of parts of the USA trying to cram as much as possible into their short time in the country.  But to get real value from your vacation it is worth slowing down and spending a while in just one location, and Tucson, in the south of Arizona is a wonderful spot to make your base.

Why this site?

There are many guidebooks about Arizona, and some complete volumes written on Tucson.  Guidebooks can be as bewildering as they are helpful!  How do you plan your trip and make sure you see things that are really worthwhile?

This site will give you the information you need for a great break without overwhelming you with information you are not interested in! 
There are many different things to do and see in Tucson.  A guidebook can sometimes confuse you so you are not quite sure what to do or see first!  This site gives you a selection of some of our favorites, and you will find these plenty to try and cover in a weekend or short break.

All this site wants to do is to help you have a wonderful vacation in Tucson!

Whether you enjoy historic film sets, mountain walks or seeing desert animals Tucson has something for everyone.  Along with great shopping malls and places to stay. 
What will the weather be like for your visit?

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Visiting Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Monsoon Storms

In July weather conditions over the Arizona desert give birth to some incredible thunder storms in and around Tucson.  Read about them and see more pics by clicking here!
Have you visited Tucson?  Have a favorite place or story to tell? Please share it with us! 
About Tucson

Tucson is Arizona's second largest city and is home to over one miillion people.  It is situated in Southern Arizona 118 miles south of Phoenix, and just 60 miles north of the Mexican border.  It sits in the heart of the desert, surrounded by five mountain ranges.  It is often referred to as the Old Pueblo.

It is the heart of the Wild West when settlers and miners clashed with the Apache Indians in the late 19th century.

Tucson can offer something for everyone - from culture, to shopping to outdoor pursuits and all in the setting of fantastic scenery.

Tucson is ideal for a short break or longer vacation, and can be used as a base to go further afield - as shown by the fact that it has more than 3.5 million visitors a year. 
Tuscon, Arizona
Street in Tuscon, Arizona
Many visitors to Arizona will head to the state capital, Phoenix, or just think of the Grand Canyon.  But the south of the state, populated by the unique Saguaro cacti can be a fascinating place to stay with many things to do.  Why not take a horseback ride among the Saguaro or feel yourself back in time in the days of the Wild West.

This site is aimed at giving you a guide to just some of the things you can do in and around Tucson, as well as some background information to help you understand the city, the environment, and the locals just a little better!
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