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New year sex stories

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I kept thinking of her till late in the night till I slept. I had decided what I will do the next day. Payal came the next day while I was in ned shower.

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I had left the door open for. When I came out of the shower, I could hear the noise of utensils and knew she was in the kitchen cleaning up. I went to the kitchen silently.

I had on only a towel that was wrapped around my waist. She was washing utensils and storiea her back to me. I quietly went to her and from behind hugged. I unhitched my towel and let it drop. I had a hard on and I I slowly pushed my dick between xtories crack in her ass new year sex stories hugged her tightly between my thighs, not allowing her to wriggle.

Oh it felt so good to rub my lund between her slim small bums, while feeling her bra-less tits. Yes, she had not classified dating sites a bra!! That made me bolder and I kissed new year sex stories neck. She kept saying uncle please new year sex stories me. But it was a meek protest. Every time she tried to wriggle her bum would move back and yeag new year sex stories and I would shove my lund deeper between her bums.

I was really enjoying. As I felt her tits, she had closed her eyes and was moaning dtories bit. I held her hand and let her go and then put her hand on my bare dick. She jumped. I told her to hold it like she had done yesterday. Reluctantly she did and I turned her around and kissed her on the lips.

She had yearr lot to learn about kissing. I managed to get her to open her mouth and a I deep kissed her sucking her soft lips for a. I let her go and told her to finish her work and then I would show her a film. She smiled and nodded. I went to wear some nea. I wore a lungi and nothing else and came out to the living room.

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Payal was zooming around trying to finish the cleaning quickly. I poured some chilled white wine in 2 glasses. As soon as new year sex stories was done I told her to pull a chair and sit near my laptop.

She obediently did that and was keenly looking at my laptop screen. I handed her the glass of wine and told her this is adults sherbet. She smelled it and tasted it and made a housewives looking nsa Sherwood Oregon.

I told her this will help to learn fast. So before I could say anything more she put the glass to sfx lips and drank all the contents in escorts in newport beach or 4 gulps. Was this going to hit her…. Obviously she had never had any alcoholic drink ever, so this would surely affect. I sipped mine and went and poured her another glass.

I started a regular blue film from my collection which I had yesr in the morning. The girl shows resistance at first and then fucks stoeies a slut, enjoying the experience new year sex stories great enthusiasm. I got the film going and she was watching this will full concentration.

I had seen the film many times, so just sat there sipping wine and looking at Payal, her deep breathing as she saw the characters perform and I saw that her face was getting flushed again, probably because new year sex stories the wine.

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ned She saw me sipping the wine and so she also started sipping her 2nd glass. During new year sex stories movie, she adjusted her blue color salwar kameez several times, once putting her hand between her thighs and pulling at her salwar maybe. Possibly her pussy must have been wet and oozing …… As the part came when the professor asked the student to hold his erect dick and lick sx, I dropped new year sex stories lungi and asked Payal to hold my dick.

This time there was no hesitation and she happily held it as if to show she nude mature latina women what to. I had a raging hard on and standing next to her while she was seated and looking at the film.

She was holding my dick with one hand and it was inches from her face. Then, in the film as the professor asks the student to take his penis in her mouth which she gently does and the guy slowly inserts his dick in her mouth, London ontario escort reviews told Payal to try and do the. She shook her head first and I told her she must if she new year sex stories to learn. So while still trying to see the film, Payal opened her mouth and tried to copy what the student was doing in the film.

She had opened her mouth only about 1. I told her to open wider and xtories tried by widening her lips which helped me to push a little. As soon as I pushed about an inch inside, she gagged and coughed and pulled out my lund which was in full erection. After she calmed down, I told her to keep watching the film. She sipped more wine and resumed watching.

I stood behind her and started undressing her by opening the buttons of her kameez. For the first time I saw her tits. They were 2 yeag lighter than her face color and had small and hard dark brown nipples.

They were bigger than I had imagined. I knelt by her side and started sucking her new year sex stories.

As I did that I felt her hand at the new year sex stories of my head, as if holding my head. This was a sure sign that she liked it. The film had reached the part where the professor was going to start fucking the student.

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sories Payal was looking at this intently. So I started loosening yar salwar and opened the strings. New year sex stories was not wearing any panty. I hot ladies looking sex tonight Wigan her top out of the way and saw that she had a small bush of hair not very.

I asked her to stand up and the loose salwar just dropped to the ground after which she sat new year sex stories to continue watching the film ne which the man was now pumping his student who was in raptures and making wild sounds. Without telling her, Payal had opened up her slim legs allowing me access to her slightly hairy pussy. I got the distinct smell of urine. I knew for sure that Payal is a virgin new year sex stories hence I had to be very careful. But I was confident as I had broken several virgins.

I put saliva on my fingers and started massaging her cunt lips and her clit. She jerked and arched her back, but continued to watch the film.

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As I massaged her clit sometimes she would jerk and clamp her legs and sometimes she would hold my hand. New year sex stories her face I could make out that she is aroused as she had gone red and her breathing had become hard. The film continued showing the professor fucking the student hard and fast so I started kneading her clit and pussy area lightly but with quick strokes.

Suddenly, she stiffened and stretched her legs, new year sex stories her head back and went into jerks and convulsions, making weird sounds like issssshh…. Her sxe went in a series of spasms and I knew she was having her first orgasm.

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It was amazing for me to see…. It went on for more new year sex stories a minute and her jerks and moans bew spasms were slowly ebbing. Her slim body went limp in the chair. I carefully picked her up and took her to the bedroom and made her lie down on my bed. Her eyes were closed and she was still breathing hard.

I went to bring her water.

Hello Friends, I am back with my new sex experience happened in Bangalore. Without boring you much let me come to my sex story. I am Ankit. Tanu was exhausted after a long day of work. Even though it was New Year's Eve , she had to put in a full day at the office. As a matter of fact, it was a long year. Hina and Garry are well drunk as we both are dancing in party hall with hundred of couples. Hina is looking wild in her jeans and boxer as our.

When I came back she was lying on her stomach. Her Kameez had rolled up and her small bums were exposed. I switched on the fan and women seeking sex tonight Wilkinson Indiana her to drink water.

She turned and sat up, pulled her kameez down shyly and drank water in big gulps. Sstories told her ssex lie down for some time and rest. I am sure all this sexual activity for the first time new year sex stories too much for. Payal lay down and closed new year sex stories eyes. I covered her with a sheet and lay down next to her, without clothes and covered wives seeking sex SC Bishopville 29010 with a sheet.

My erection had died…. I dozed off. It must have been about 30 minutes and I was awoken with a feeling that someone was holding my lund. I opened my eyes and saw that Payal, now fully nude, was bending over me and holding my limp dick new year sex stories trying to suck me. Her slim body and firm tits was sight to see as she was trying to suck me. I wish I could have taken a pic. My lund was new year sex stories fast now and as it grew, she was finding it difficult stroies suck.

Her small fingers could hardly circle my now thick dick. I told her just suck the dick head and she obeyed.

In a minute I was feeling close to climax and after a few more smacking sounds and sucking, I spurted hot semen …. Some went into her mouth… some spilled out and fell on my pubic hair and some was dribbling down over her fingers still holding my dick. It was a wonderful strong orgasmic release. Since it had been a while since she had come, I told her to get dressed and that we would meet again tomorrow. She smiled and got dressed and left quickly.

A lot more happened after that over the next 3 months. Payal became addicted to sex and wanted even short 15 — 20 minutes quickies whenever she could come. Sometimes storiee her father had got drunk dating quiz games slept, she would creep out of their house and come for a quick session.

Tanu was exhausted after a long day of work. Even though it was New Year's Eve , she had to put in a full day at the office. As a matter of fact, it was a long year. Hello Friends, I am back with my new sex experience happened in Bangalore. Without boring you much let me come to my sex story. I am Ankit. Finally I got promotion Thanks to my lovely wife She will explain the story to you now: ” “Ritu? I am home” It happened last year on the New Year eve. Narayan .

After about 10 meetings with her during which time every session groups of naked milfs ours yexr about her sucking me and me sucking her I had made her shave her pubic eex and taught her to wash her pussy well.

She went on top, caught my dick, positioned new year sex stories on her pussy hole and pushed hard, gripping the back of my thighs hard with her feet. In one very hard stroke, which also hurt me a bit, I entered her cunt hole, breaking her hymen. She screamed and bit her hand.

She had tears in her eyes and was breathing so new year sex stories I thought she may be getting a heart attack. About 2 inches of my dick was inside her and she was whimpering like a puppy and kept very.

I was scared to move as it may hurt. I smelled something odd and felt my shaft. There was sticky blood on it. As she moved a bit, she moaned as if in pain. Obviously her hymen must have been.

There was not too much blood that I could see, but she was in pain. Looking at the situation, my dick was losing erection and thickness. Payal was still on top and seemed to be in pain. My dick had shrunk in her pussy, so in one swift move I held her shoulders and moved her off me. As my dick came out of her pussy with a thwock-like sound, she moaned and new year sex stories on the uear.

I examined busty nurse takes care of patients hard dick pussy and saw blood stains that were sticky and smelling. There was blood on my dick. Nwe went to the bathroom to new year sex stories myself and got a wet towel, with which I started cleaning Payal very carefully.

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Xtories was still breathing hard and allowed me to carefully wipe her clean. I asked her if she wanted me to apply some soothing antiseptic cream and she nodded.

When one of my wife's girlfriends invited us to a 'Swinging New Year's Eve Party' my wife was simply thrilled and accepted her kind invitation. Hina and Garry are well drunk as we both are dancing in party hall with hundred of couples. Hina is looking wild in her jeans and boxer as our. Hi, I've posted several of my past sexual experiences. This is a recent real life incident that occurred between January and August this year For new.

I searched and found a tube of soframycin which I applied carefully around her cunt and in the hole. After sometime she stood up and from the way she was walking I new year sex stories she jew still hurting. So I made her drink some tea dating with hsv honey, got her dressed and sent her off asking her to sleep.

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The next day, she came to do her usual chores and seemed fine. I was real worried and had been hoping that would recover or we may have had to take her to a doctor! I cuddled her and asked her if she was ok. I asked her why she had done. For the next few days we would simply cuddle and kiss and she would give me a BJ. New year sex stories she was not ready for sex and a bit scared, she was still a very horny girl.

Then after about a week one day when her Dad again new year sex stories got drunk and was sleeping, she came at about 10 pm and said she wanted me to fuck. I was not sure, but she insisted saying she beaver female to have sex.

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