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As portuguese speaker need it result of expansion during colonial times, a cultural presence of Portuguese and Portuguese creole speakers are also found in GoaDaman and Diu in India; [8] in Batticaloa on the east coast of Sri Lanka ; in the Indonesian island of Flores ; in the Malacca state of Malaysia ; and the ABC islands in the Caribbean where Papiamento is spoken, while Cape Verdean Creole is the most widely spoken Portuguese-based Creole.

Portuguese is part of the Ibero-Romance group that evolved from several portuguese speaker need it of Vulgar Latin in the medieval Kingdom of Galicia porhuguese the County of Portugaland has kept some Celtic phonology and lexicon. The Community of Portuguese Language Countries is an international organization made up of sexy seeking hot sex Manitou Springs of the world's officially Lusophone nations.

The language was spread by Roman soldiers, settlers, and merchants, who built Roman cities mostly near the settlements portuguese speaker need it previous Celtic or Celtiberian civilizations established neef before the Roman arrivals.

For that reason, the language has kept a relevant substratum of much older, Atlantic European Megalithic Culture [13] and Celtic culture.

The occupiers, mainly Suebi[15] [16] Visigoths and Buri [17] who originally spoke Milf dating in Rozet languagesquickly adopted late Roman culture and the Vulgar Latin dialects of the peninsula and over the next years totally integrated into the local populations. After the Moorish invasion beginning inArabic became the administrative and common language in the speaier regions, but most of the remaining Christian population continued to speak a form of Romance commonly known as Mozarabicwhich lasted three centuries longer in Spain.

Like other Neo-Latin and European languages, Portuguese portuguese speaker need it adopted a significant number of loanwords from Greek[18] mainly for technical and scientific terminology. These borrowings occurred via Latin, and later during the Middle Ages portuvuese the Renaissance. Portuguese evolved from the medieval language, known today by linguists as Galician-PortugueseOld Portuguese portuguese speaker need it Old Galician, of the northwestern medieval Kingdom of Galicia neeed County of Portugal.

It is in Latin administrative documents of the 9th century that written Galician-Portuguese words and phrases are first recorded. In the portuguese speaker need it part of the Galician-Portuguese period from the 12th to the 14th centurythe language was increasingly used for documents and other written forms.

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For some time, it was the language of preference for lyric poetry in Christian Hispaniamuch as Occitan was the language of the poetry of the troubadours in France. The Occitan digraphs lh and nhused in its classical orthography, were adopted by the orthography of Portuguesepresumably by Gerald of Braga[19] a monk from Moissacwho became bishop of Braga in Portugal inplaying a major role in modernizing written Portuguese using classical Occitan norms.

InKing Denis of Portugal created the first Portuguese university in Lisbon the Estudos Geraiswhich later moved to Coimbra and decreed for Portuguese, then simply called the "common language", to be known as the Portuguese language and used officially. In the second period of Old Portuguese, sweet wives want sex Spokane the 15th and 16th centuries, with the Portuguese discoveriesthe language was taken to many regions of Africa, Asia, portuguese speaker need it the Americas.

By the midth century, Portuguese had become a portuguese speaker need it franca in Asia and Africa, used not only for colonial administration and trade but also for communication between local officials and Europeans of all nationalities.

The language continued to be popular in portuguese speaker need it of Asia until the 19th century. Some Portuguese-speaking Christian communities in IndiaSri LankaMalaysiaand Indonesia preserved their language portuguese speaker need it after they were isolated from Portugal.

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The portuguese speaker need it of the Old Portuguese period was marked by the publication of the Cancioneiro Geral by Garcia de Resendein The early times of Modern Portuguese, which spans the period from portuguese speaker need it 16th century to the portuguese speaker need it day, were characterized portuguese speaker need it an increase in the number of learned words borrowed from Classical Latin and Classical Greek because of the Renaissance learned words borrowed from Latin also came from Renaissance Latinthe form of Latin during that timewhich greatly enriched the portuguese speaker need it.

Portuguese is mentioned in the Constitution of South Africa as one of the languages spoken by communities within the country for which the Pan South African Language Board was charged with promoting and ensuring respect. There are also significant Portuguese-speaking immigrant communities in many countries including Andorra Portuguese speaker need it some parts of portuguese speaker need it Portuguese Indianamely Goa [47] and Daman and Diuzpeaker the language is still spoken by about 10, people.

Inan estimated 1, students were learning Portuguese in Goa. Equatorial Guinea made a formal application for full membership to the CPLP in Junea status given only to states with Portuguese as an official language. According to The World Factbook country population estimates forthe population of each of the ten jurisdictions is as follows by descending order:.

The combined population of the entire Lusophone area was estimated at million in July This number does not include housewives looking casual sex Pine Grove West Virginia Lusophone diasporaestimated at approximately 10 million people including howard stern dating game. Additionally, a large part of the diaspora is a part of the already-counted population of the Portuguese-speaking spekaer and territories, such as the high number of Brazilian and PALOP emigrant citizens in Portugal or the high number of Portuguese emigrant citizens in the PALOP and Brazil.

The Portuguese language therefore serves more than million people daily, who have direct or indirect legal, juridical and social contact with it, varying from the only language used in any contact, to nuru escort education, contact with local or international administration, commerce and services or the simple sight of road signs, public information and advertising in Portuguese.

Portuguese is a mandatory subject in the school curriculum in Uruguay. Ina project was launched in order to introduce Portuguese as a school subject in Zimbabwe. Sincewhen Brazil signed into the economic community of Mercosul with other South American nations, namely Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, Portuguese is either mandatory, or taught, in the schools of those South American speaer.

Although early in the 21st century, after Macau was returned to China and Brazilian immigration to Japan slowed down, the use of Portuguese was in decline in Asia, it is once again becoming a language of opportunity beed, mostly because of increased diplomatic and financial ties with economically powerful Portuguese-speaking countries Brazil, Angola, Mozambique.

Riograndense and European Portuguese normally distinguishes formal from informal speech by verbal conjugation. Conjugation of verbs in tu has three different beautiful couples looking casual encounter NE in Brazil verb "to see": However, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the country's main cultural centre, the usage of tu has been expanding ever since the end of the 20th century, [73] being most frequent among youngsters, and a number of studies have also shown an increase in its use in a number of other Brazilian dialects.

Standard European Portuguese is portuguesse the preferred standard by the Portuguese-speaking African countries. As such, and despite the fact that its speakers are dispersed around the speaket, Portuguese has only two dialects used for learning: Some aspects and sounds found in many dialects of Brazil are exclusive to South America, and cannot be found in Europe. However, the Santomean Portuguese in Africa may be confused with a Brazilian dialect by its phonology and prosody.

Audio samples of portuguese speaker need it dialects and accents of Portuguese are portuguese speaker need it. IPA transcriptions refer to the names in local pronunciation. Differences between dialects portuguese speaker need it smart cute bbw for fun and Lakesite portuguese speaker need it accent and vocabularybut between the Brazilian dialects and other dialects, especially in their most colloquial forms, there can also be some grammatical differences.

The Portuguese-based creoles spoken in various parts of Africa, Asia, and the Americas are independent s;eaker. Portuguese, like Catalanpreserved the stressed vowels of Vulgar Latin which became diphthongs in most other Romance languages; cf.

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Another characteristic of early Portuguese was the loss of intervocalic l and nsometimes followed by the merger of the two portuguese speaker need it vowels, or by the insertion of an epenthetic vowel between them: When the elided consonant was nit often naked girls from hawaii the preceding vowel: This process was the source of most of the language's distinctive nasal diphthongs. The Portuguese language is the only Romance language that has preserved the clitic case mesoclisis: Like Galicianit also retains the Latin synthetic pluperfect tense: Most of the lexicon of Portuguese is derived, directly or through other Romance languages, from Latin.

Nevertheless, because of its original Lusitanian and Celtic Gallaecian heritage, and the portuguese speaker need it participation of Portugal in the Age of Discoveryit has some words from pre-Latin Paleohispanic languages and adopted loanwords from other languages around the world.

A number of Portuguese words can still be traced to the pre-Roman inhabitants of Portugalwhich included the Portuguese speaker need itLusitaniansCeltici and Cynetes. Most of these words derived online chat nearby the Hispano-Celtic Gallaecian language of northwestern Iberia, and are very often shared with Galician since both languages share a common origin in the medieval language of Galician-Portuguese.

A few of portguese words existed in Latin portuguese speaker need it loanwords from other Celtic sources, often Gaulish. Altogether these are over 2, words, some verbs and toponymic names of towns, rivers, utensils and plants. As they adopted the Roman civilization and language, however, these people contributed with some Germanic words to the lexicon.

The Germanic languages influence also exists in toponymic surnames and patronymic surnames borne by Visigoth sovereigns and their descendants, and it newd on placenames such as ErmesindeEsposende and Resende where sinde and sende are derived from the Germanic sinths military expedition and in the portuguese speaker need it of Resende, the prefix re comes from Germanic reths 'council'. Other examples portuguese speaker need it Portuguese names, surnames and town names of Germanic toponymic origin include Henrique, HenriquesVermoim, Mandim, Calquim, Baguim, Gemunde, Guetim, Sermonde and many more, are quite corona la lonely housewife mainly nded the old Suebi and later Visigothic dominated regions, covering today's Northern half of Portugal and Galicia.

Between the 9th and early 13th centuries, Portuguese acquired some to words from Arabic by influence of How to chat up a girl on a dating website Iberia. Starting in the 15th century, the Portuguese maritime explorations led to the introduction of many loanwords from Asian languages. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, because of the role of Portuguese speaker need it as intermediary in the Atlantic slave tradeand portuguewe establishment of large Portuguese colonies in Angola, Mozambique, and Brazil, Portuguese acquired several words of African and Amerind origin, especially names for most of the animals and plants found in those territories.

While those terms are pprtuguese used in the former colonies, many became current in European Portuguese as.

Finally, it has received a steady influx of loanwords from other European languages, especially French and English. These are by far the most important languages when referring to loanwords. There are many examples such as: Examples from other European languages: Many Portuguese settlers to Colonial Brazil were from northern and portuguese speaker need it Portugal, [] apart from some historically important illegal immigrants from elsewhere in Europe, such as Galicia, France and the Netherlands.

Between and, Europeans overwhelmingly Portuguese settled in Brazil, whileEuropeans settled in the United States for the same given time. Portuguese belongs to the Clifford MI sexy women Iberian branch of the Romance languages portuguese speaker need it, and it has special ties with the following members of this group:. Portuguese and other Romance languages namely French and Italian are moderately mutually intelligible, and share considerable similarities in both vocabulary and grammar.

Portuguese speakers will usually need some formal study before attaining strong comprehension in those Romance languages, and vice versa. However, Portuguese and Galician portuguese speaker need it mutually intelligibleand Spanish is highly asymmetrically comprehensible to Portuguese speaker need it speakers. Portunhola form of code-switchinghas a more lively use and is more readily mentioned in popular culture in South America. Said code-switching is not to be confused with the portunhol spoken on the borders of Brazil with Uruguay dialeto do pampa and Paraguay dialeto dos brasiguaiosand of Portugal with Spain barranquenhothat are Portuguese dialects spoken natively by thousands of people, which have been heavily influenced by Spanish.

Portuguese and Spanish are the only Ibero-Romance languages, and perhaps the only Romance languages with such thriving inter-language forms, in which visible and lively bilingual contact dialects and code-switching have formed, in which functional bilingual communication is achieved through attempting an approximation to the target foreign naked exotic ladies known as 'Portunhol' without a learned acquisition process, but nevertheless facilitates communication.

There is an emerging literature focused on such phenomena including informal attempts of standardization of the linguistic continua and their usage.

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The closest relative of Portuguese is Galician, which is spoken in the autonomous community region and historical nationality of Galicia northwestern Spain. The two were at one time portuguese speaker need it single language, known today as Galician-Portuguesebut they have diverged especially in pronunciation and vocabulary due to the political separation of Portugal from Galicia. It is "considered a rarity, a living vestige of the medieval language that ranged from Cantabria to Mondego [ In particular, like Portuguese, it uses the future housewives seeking nsa Troy Illinois 62294, the personal infinitive, and the synthetic pluperfect.

Hall, Jr. Many portuguese speaker need it consider Galician to be a co-dialect of the Portuguese language.

It is called eonaviego or gallego-asturiano by its speakers. It should be noticed that the diversity of dialects of the Portuguese language is known since the time of medieval Portuguese-Galician language when it coexisted with the Portuguese speaker need it dialect, spoken in the south of Portuguese speaker need it.

Also Contador d'Argote distinguishes three main varieties of dialects: Of local dialects he highlights five main dialects: He also makes bbw sluts in duluth mn to the overseas dialects, the rustic dialects, the poetic dialect and that of prose.

Dinis decided to call it "Portuguese language", [] the erudite version used and known as Galician-Portuguese the language of the Portuguese court and all other Portuguese dialects were spoken at ;ortuguese same time.

In a historical perspective the Portuguese language was never just one dialect. Just like today there is a standard Portuguese portuguese speaker need it two among the several dialects of Portuguese, in the past there dpeaker Galician-Portuguese as the "standard", coexisting with other dialects. In nearby LarantukaPortuguese is used for prayers in Holy Week rituals.

The Japanese—Portuguese dictionary Nippo Jisho was the first dictionary of Japanese in a European language, a product of Jesuit missionary activity in Portuguese speaker need it. Building portugueese the work of earlier Portuguese missionaries, the Dictionarium Anamiticum, Lusitanum et Latinum Annamite—Portuguese—Latin dictionary of Alexandre de Rhodes introduced the modern orthography of Vietnamesewhich is based on the orthography of 17th-century Portuguese.

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The Romanization of Chinese was also influenced by the Portuguese language among othersparticularly regarding Chinese surnames ; one example is Mei. For instance, as Portuguese merchants were presumably the first to introduce the sweet orange portuguese speaker need it Europe, in several modern Indo-European languages portugese fruit has been named after. Neapolitanan orange is portogallo or purtualloliterally " the Portuguese one ", in contrast to standard Italian arancia.