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I like getting out just to people watch, Game of Thrones and anything that offers something educational, women want sex Ewen as museum, art galleries and so forth. Life through me a curveball m4w OK OK I'm putting it out there I haven't got any in 6 years due to wwnt in prison.

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By Ewen Callaway. Lonely men ought to flaunt their copies of New Scientist.

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Women looking for both one-night stands and long-term relationships go for geniuses over dumb jocks, according to a new study of hundreds of university students. To many women, a smart man will appeal because he is likely to be clever enough to keep his family afloat. The volunteers read news reports, explained why they would be a good date, and women want sex Ewen would be the ramifications of the discovery of life on Mars.

They also threw and caught a Frisbee to women want sex Ewen their physical appeal. Each potential suitor also took a quantitative test of verbal intelligence. While the difference between short- and long-term mates may amount to a boozy decision students face each weekend, it has some evolutionary significance, Prokosch says.

In potential husbands, women women want sex Ewen for signs that a man might be a good provider and father. In one-night stands, women are womrn the prowl for little more than good genes, not to mention a good time. In many cases, women rated good hook-ups as dunces, when their intelligence scores indicated.

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But some things never change. Looks were still a much more powerful predictor of sex appeal than brains.

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So in a perfect world, women want a Nobel prize winner with movie-star looks. However, in a world of limited resources, not every woman gets what she wants, and some are bound to fall for ugly, unintelligent and uncreative men.

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Hans Christian Gram: The biologist who helped investigate bacteria Decline of migrating birds could be partly due to pesticides Make a remote-control pest-proof bird feeder — part 2 Bye women want sex Ewen space-time: Margaret Qomen The Testaments' anti-science world is a grim warning.

Women want sex Ewen

Don't Miss: Interplanetary paranoia, green buildings and anxious art Climate change: Is capitalism the problem or the solution? The biologist who helped investigate bacteria Largest ever polar expedition will soon be frozen in drifting sea ice Do you have a male or female brain?

Gina Rippon at New Scientist Live.